Ads Campaigns

Since 2004, we have been running an AdWords campaign (commonly called sponsored links).

Ads on Google Adwords system links are modern, prestigious, fast and secure form of advertising for websites.

  1. You will only pay when a potential customer clicks and will come to your site!
  2. You can decide yourself how much money will be spent on the advertising of each day and each month
  3. The customer only sees an advertising for a words which sought, so we don’t show him unnecessary advertising like in other media (TV, radio, press)
  4. Advertising can be run within 2 business days. Yes! 2 working days and advertising may bring potential customers for you!

We can make for you free of charge and quickly calculate how much it would cost per month advertising on Adwords.
We will offer carefully selected words and corresponding monthly budget to match it to the desired results.

The valuation of advertising sponsored links only please send an email to and keywords for which you would like to advertise (valuation is of course free of charge and without obligation).

Request should be sent to: [email protected] or by phone: 506 34 35 42

Our company has the status of Google Partner: